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Spoon River Anthology (1915) was written by Edgar Lee Masters.

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Q: Who wrote the Spoon River Anthology?
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Who wrote Spoon River Anthology?

Spoon River Anthology (1915) was written by Edgar Lee Masters.

What is the setting of Spoon River Anthology?

Spoon River Anthology is set in the fictional town of Spoon River, a small rural community in Illinois. The poems in the anthology are epitaphs of various characters buried in the town's cemetery, each revealing intimate details about their lives and experiences. The setting provides a backdrop for exploring themes of mortality, love, regret, and redemption.

Which character of Spoon River Anthology had 8 kids then died?

the character that had 8 kids in spoon river and dies is Margaret Fuller Slack

In spoon river anthology how did mrs merritt die?

She died in prison after thirty years.

Who is a protagonist character in spoon river anthology?

One of the protagonist characters in Spoon River Anthology is Lucius Atherton, who reflects on his life as a lawyer and the regrets he has. Another protagonist is Fiddler Jones, who celebrates a life lived freely and close to nature.

How did The Town Marshal died in spoon river anthology?

The Town Marshal in Spoon River Anthology died from a heart attack while trying to break up a fight between two men. His death symbolizes the burden of trying to keep peace and order in a tumultuous town.

What has the author Edgar Lee Masters written?

Edgar Lee Masters has written: 'Spoon River anthology' 'The open sea' 'Mark Twain'

What has the author Herbert Distel written?

Herbert Distel has written: 'The museum of drawers' 'Spoon River anthology' -- subject(s): Exhibitions, Portrait photography

Why was the collections of epitaphs considered controversial in Edgar Lee Masters Spoon River Anthology?

Because Edgar Lee Masters puts the idea of a small town under a totally different light for the time period it is considered controversial. He does this by having most of the characters in the Spoon River Anthology commit sins and have things happen to them that most people thought was unheard of for a closely knit community of a small town.

What is the name of the series of poems inspired by headstones in a cemetery?

i believe its the Canterbury Tales by Jeffery Chaucer >>>its not it was written much later. based in new england, i believe, in the 1800s I believe you are referring to the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. A series of poems based on the epitaphs on the headstones in the Spoon River cemetery. >>>Thats it! Thank you!!!!

When was Spoon River College created?

Spoon River College was created in 1959.

What are the release dates for Spoon River - 1969 TV?

Spoon River - 1969 TV was released on: USA: 21 April 1969