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Zebulon Pike

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Q: Whose expedition went into Spanish Territory?
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What expedition went into Spanish territory?

Kelly Kelly

Who led an expedition that went into the Spanish Territory?

Zebulon Pike, who was arrested by the Spanish Army, escorted to Santa Fe and then to Chihuahua before being released at the Louisiana border.

Who were the first to settle in california?

it was Lewis and Clark because they went on an expedition to explore all western territory.

What was the name of the expedition sent out by thomas Jefferson?

Lewis and Clark were went out by Jefferson to explore the newly purchased Louisiana Territory.

Who went on the expedition with Lewis and Clark?

Sacagawea went with Lewis and Clark. she was invaluable to the explorers because she could translate for them in dealings with the Shoshones, whose land the expedition passed through.

Why did Pizarro go on an expidition?

Pizarro went on an expedition to the Inca Empire in search of riches such as gold and silver. He also aimed to expand Spanish territory and spread Christianity. Additionally, he sought to claim new lands for Spain and increase his own power and wealth.

What is the name of the group that went on the expedition?

The name of the group that went on the expedition was the "exploration team" or "expedition group".

How do you use expedition in a simple sentence?

i went on an expedition

Who went to Mars in the Mars expedition rover?

No one went to Mars. It was an unmanned robotic expedition.

What is William Clark famous for?

William Clark along with Meriwether Lewis formed the famous explorers Lewis and Clark. They went on a three year expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory. They were also tasked with claiming the Oregon Territory for the United States.

Did the expedition of Lewis and Clark go beyond the territory of The Louisiana Purchase?

The expedition of Lewis and Clark did indeed go beyond the Louisiana Purchase. It went all the way to the Pacific Ocean and included what is now Idaho, Washington and Oregon which were not not part of the purchase.

Who was the spanish noblemanwho went looking for cibola?

The Spanish nobleman who went looking for Cibola was Francisco Vásquez de Coronado. He led an expedition in 1540 to find the fabled Seven Cities of Gold in the American Southwest, believing Cibola to be one of them.