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It wasn't Roman because it was located in Germany and France, without any connection to Rome. It wasn't Holy because God did not make it Holy. And it wasn't an Empire because it did not conquer other groups of peoples.

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It was never a nation, but rather a weakening collection of territories extending from today's Belgium to the Czech Republic and northern Italy. The last Emperor Francis II scrapped the title in 1806 in favour of a more unitary Austrian empire.

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Q: Why Holy Roman Empire is not a nation?
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Who said the Holy Roman Empire was 'not Holy Roman or an Empire'?

Voltaire said the Holy Roman Empire was not 'Holy, Roman, or an Empire.'

The holy roman empire became this country?

the holy roman empire was not holy, roman or an empire - Voltaire

Is Germany holy Roman empire?

Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire. But was not the Holy Roman Empire.

Which nation Emerged stronger after the thirty year war?

France emerged from the Thirty Years' War as the dominant European nation. The Holy Roman Empire had lost its control of the nation.

Who was ruled by holy Roman empire?

The holy Roman empire ruled the Romans.

When was Holy Roman Empire created?

Holy Roman Empire was created in 962.

What was Charlemagnes greatest accomplishements?

One possibility would be the formation of the Holy Roman Empire (which was unfortunately neither Holy, Roman, nor an Empire).

The Holy Roman Empire was a unified nation-state with a strong absolute monarchy true or false?


When did the eastern Roman empire become the holy Roman empire?

It never did. The so-called Holy Roman Empire was a mid-European entity.

Who said the the holy roman empire wasn't holy wasn't roman and wasn't an empire?


Who was the first head of the Holy Roman Empire?

Charlemagne was the first ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.

How did the Roman empire change to the holy roman empire?