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The warriors wore woad to intimidate their components... They also fught naked but i serriously dought that you would want that information XD

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Q: Why did Celtic warriors wear woad?
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What is Celtic woad made out of?

Its made out of...woad! Woad is a plant that was commonly grown throughout Europe and Asia for its dyeing properties.

Do roman Celtic warriors were blue paint in battle?

No, at least not all of them painted their bodies. The blue paint or "woad" was used by some of the Britons according to Julius Caesar. However there is no record of the continental Celts putting on makeup for battle.

What was the name of the blue dye with which Ancient Britons painted themselves?

The blue dye used by Ancient Britons to paint themselves was called woad. Woad comes from the plant Isatis tinctoria and was commonly used by Celtic tribes in Britain for body painting and clothing dyeing.

Why is Celtic war paint blue?

possibly because the most common dye at the time was woad, which is blue. a little woad goes a long way, a tiny amount rubbed on with animal fat will cover a surprizingly large area of skin

Is shaemus a viking from WWE?

no shaemus is a direct descendants from the feared ancient warriors of Ireland known as the Celtic warriors

What is Blue Celtic war paint?

Woad the Celtic warpaint is actually Isatis tinctoria, a member of the Brassicaceae family (also known as the cabbage family and the mustard family) woad is a plant that grows in Europe, but it is now rescently thought that woad is an unlikely source of the blue colouring that the Celts stained their bodies with because it is irritable on the skin and a misinterpretation of julias ceasers accounts were supposedly inaccurate, they most likely used copper ore if they were to use anything, but there it may be possible that the color described was meant to be blue-green like a bottle, and also there have been accounts refering to green (the natinal color of Celtic Ireland) being a body paint color.. "Tacitus, Agricola 29 AD 98 'Already more than 30,000 men could be seen, and still they came flocking to the colours - all the young men, and famous warriors whose old age was fresh and green4, every man wearing the decorations he had earned"

Did the Celtic men paint colourful patterns on their bodies?

I'm not sure that "colorful" is the appropriate word, since the only color they used was the blue dye from the woad plant.

How do you pronounce woad?

Woad (the plant) is pronounced with a long O, as in road.

Where did the Celtic warriors come from?

The Celts came from Europe (Including the British Isles).

How do we know Celts used stones from the beach for slingshots?

Archaeological excavations have uncovered slingshot stones made from beach pebbles at Celtic sites. These stones show wear and shaping consistent with their use as ammunition for slingshots. Additionally, historical accounts and artwork depicting Celtic warriors using slings suggest the practice was common among Celtic people.

When was The Woad Ode created?

The Woad Ode was created by Sir John Betjeman in 1936.

What did the Celtic women wear?

Dresses and rags