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The Gorkhas of Nepal

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Q: Who was the most dangerous warriors in history?
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Which warriors in history have deafeated the afghans?

the only warriors to have deafeated the talibans (afghans) were the Chinese warriors and the Sikh warriors

When was the most dangerous tsunami in history?


Which state in the us is the most dangerous?

I think the most dangerous state is California. naw u hoed yoself Michigan is the most dangerous state in the history of da usa(Detroit)Dee king was here

What is the 5th book of warriors in the first series?

A Dangerous Path

What is the book after the warriors book a dangerous path?

The next book is called The Darkest Hour and it's the final book in the original Warriors series. After the original comes The New Prophecy, then the Power of Three, then the Omen of the Stars. Each series has six Warriors books.

Are rajput khokhar were also warriors?

Yes the brave tribe Khokhar were warriors according to history...

What is the 5th warriors book called 1st series?

A Dangerous Path.

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abz gang asian boyz

What caste does a naicker belong into is it true that they were warriors and rulers in Indian history?

naicker is a derivative from Nayaks - means warriors / rulers. they were rulers in Indian history - yes they were.

Who were the most famous spartan warriors?

Leonidas King of Sparta, the hero of the Battle of Thermopylae is one of the most famous Spartans of the ancient history.

Name of the warriors who fought with swords in japan?

The most familiar types of Japanese warriors are ninjas, samurais, Ronin, and warrior monks. Some popular warriors were the Forty-Seven Ronin, Hattori Hanzo, Fuma Kotaro, Saigo Takamori, and Yamaoka Tesshu.