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Why did Edward Kelly get the nick name Ned
Ned is a nickname for Edward.

Like calling someone with the name Robert bob or William Bill

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Ned is a common variant of Edward, his name.

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Q: Why did Edward Kelly get the nick name Ned?
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How did the kelly gang form?

The Ned Kelly gang was formed following an altercation with a corrupt police official known as Constable Fitzpatrick. He claimed that Ned, his brother, Dan, their mother and three neighbors had attacked him. Ned and his brother weren't home at the time and heard their mother had been thrown in jail over this incident. They returned home, vowing revenge. The Kelly boys were joined by Joe Byrne and Steve Hart. They became known as the Kelly Gang.

What crimes were committed by Australian bush ranger Ben Hall?

He was a thief! (not really a bad one, depends on how you look at it) Basically, he was the guy that inspired Ned Kelly, so most of the stuff Ned did, it was kind of like Ned continuing/taking on the role of Ben Hall when Ben died... ;)

What is the name ned short for?

alyn-michael begely jr. sr. alyn-michael begely jr. sr.

Who is the national hero of Australia?

I don't know the specific names of famous Australian War Heroes BUT I DO KNOW WHO KNOWS! The Australian historians. I have given you a link to the historical site provided by the Australian government regarding World War 2. Go to that link and send them an email letting them what you need to know.

Why did Andrew George Scott Name Himself Captain Moonlight?

Captain Moonlite, aka Captain Moonlight, aka Andrew George Scott, was originally a preacher at the small Victorian town of Egerton. An admirer of Ned Kelly, he made a sudden decision to become a bushranger. His first target was the manager of the Egerton Bank, who was fully aware of Scott's identity. Scott tied him up, with orders to tell police he had been robbed by Captain Moonlight. It is believed that the choice of name was a spur-of-the-moment decision based upon the robbery occurring in the middle of the night, under moonlight.

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What was Ned Kelly's full name?

Ned kelly full name is: Edward Kelly!

Is Ned Kelly's real name Edward Ned Kelly?

Ned Kelly's proper name was "Edward Kelly".

How did Ned Kelly get his name?

His name was Edward Kelly, his nickname was Ned.

What is ned kelly's name?

Edward Kelly

What was Ned Kelly's REAL Middle name?

None. He was Edward Kelly. Ned is a colloquial rendering of Edward.

What was Ned Kelly's christian name short for?

Ned Kelly's first name was short for "Edward".

What was ned kelly's first name short for?


What was ned KELLY mothers name?

Ned Kelly's mother's name was Ellen Kelly. Ellen's maiden name was Quinn.

When did Edward 'Ned' Kelly die?

Bushranger Ned Kelly died by hanging on 11 November 1880.

When was edward ned kelly born?


Who are some old famous people from Australia?

Ned Kelly Ned Kelly Nick Kelly Nick KellyM most famous Australian ever my neighbour has a mess his mailbox

What does the suffix ned mean?

The suffix "-ned" is not a standalone suffix. It can be part of various words and does not have a single fixed meaning. Its meaning will depend on the root word it is attached to. For example, in words like "burdened" or "softened," the "-ned" suffix indicates that the action described by the root word has been completed or undergone a change.