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Civil War....Caveliers and roundheads. Oliver Cromwell.

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England became a Dictatorship led first by Cromwell and then by the Army!

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It became a Republic because there was no monarchy left. Charles 1st had died and his son went to France so a man named of Oliver Cromwell, became the king.

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Q: Why did England become a republic?
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Why should England become a republic?

England should become a republic because it is time that we elected our head of state which would have to be a president not a monarch. but first we (England) would have to become reform everything in the country which the government is doing then become independent from Scotland, wales and northern Ireland first.Another questionEngland in 2015 after the general election should become independent along with Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The countries in the commonwealth, British overseas territories and British crown dependencies, should succeed and be their own independent/ dependent republic/ monarchy countries. Finally the Queen should step down and prince Charles become king followed by a referendum, on a republic of Britain so protest for it with thousands of people speed the word time for a revolution.

When will Australia become a republic?

When political and public will is strong enough for a change, most predict this will occur when the current queen of England dies.

Why would Texas become a republic?

no ! Texas could not possibly become a republic

When did the Philippines become a republic?

The republic of the Philippines became a republic on 1946.

Who helped Egypt become a republic in 1952?

Helped Egypt become a republic in 1952

Is Queen Elizabeth the president of England?

No. She is the queen of England. England does not have a president. It is a monarchy, not a republic.

Who was the first soccer team to beat England in England?

Republic of Ireland

Can a republic become an empire?

Certainly. A republic can become am empire and an empire can become a republic, or several republics. Any form of government can be changed into any other form of government.

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When Ireland become a part of England?

Ireland has never been part of England. Ireland became part of the United Kingdom in 1801. 26 counties of Ireland left the union in 1922 and eventually became the Republic of Ireland.

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Yes it will, hopefully. Northern Ireland deserves to be unified with the Republic of Ireland, and Scotland and Wales totally deserve to be independent. Therefore, England should be an official, independent nation.

Who gave South Africa independence in 1910?

1910-1961 South Africa become a self governing member of the British Commonwealth of nations.In 1961 SA become a Republic an broke all ties with England .