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The British Empire colonized Kenya in 1895. Britain colonized Kenya for reasons of economics and power. Kenya provided Britain with a sense of security over their hold on the Nile.

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because there are no british people in kenya and they wanted some

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Q: Why did Kenya join the British Empire?
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What European Empire dominated the lands of Kenya?

The British Empire

Did the British enslave kenyans?

No, but Kenya was part of the British Empire.

When was Kenya part of the British Empire?

Yes it was.

Was Kenya part of the british empire?


Which country of Europe made Kenya part of its empire?

Kenya was previously a part of the British Empire (United Kingdom)

What religion did the british empire change Kenya to and from?


When did the British Empire take over Kenya?


When did Kenya jointhe british empire?

it was when they joined der

How did Kenya get their country back from the british empire?

Kenya got independence from the British empire through armed struggle. The guerrilla group called MAUMAU was a rebellion meant to frustrate the British authorities.

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In reality, Bermuda did not actually choose to join the British Empire. They islands were forced to join or be conquered.

Was Kenya a part of the british empire?

Yes, until 1963

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