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he was on the toilet

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Q: Why did King Henry II walk barefoot through the streets of Canterbury?
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How did Henry know becket?

Thomas Becket came to the notice of the king when he worked as clerk and accountant to Archbishop Theobald of Canterbury. Becket showed such great promise and worked so diligently that Henry made him Chancellor of England with responsibility for supervising the king's Chancery (writing office) as well as a role in the royal administration.

What did Henry ii do after thomas Beckett died?

He was very remorseful because many hsitorians think that he did not want Becket murdered. After Becket's death Henry paid penance and walked the streets topless and got whipped by monks to spare his sins.

The Dutch established their claims in North America through the efforts of which explorer?

Henry Hudson

What was the argument between becket and Henry?

well the argument between them was about Henry making thomas becket the archbishop of cantubury and Henry thought that if thomas was made archbishop then thomas would follow all of henrrys rules and would help Henry by taking money from the poor and making himself even richer but what he didnt no was that when he made thomas archbishop he would betray him and when thomas did become archbishop of Canterbury he decided to help his people not his king .Henry then got really mad with thomas and said "will there be no rid of this troublesome priest?" and that's when four knights overheard him and decided to get rid of him once and for all and that is how becket died

What action in 1170 made becket furious?

In 1170 Henry ordered the archbishop of york to crown the next king. this meant to be the archbishops of Canterbury's job! Becket was furious .

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How did Henry II make up for Thomas Becket's murder?

Henry II walked through the streets of Canterbury barefoot while being whipped by the priests of Canterbury.

Who was the archbishop of Canterbury during Henry ii reign?

Well, it depends on which King Henry you mean. During the reign of Henry the VIII, the Archbishop of Canterbury was William Warham followed by Thomas Cramner. If you mean a different Henry, just let me know. If you mean Henry II, then it was Thomas Becket

What nicknames does Mark Canterbury go by?

Mark Canterbury goes by Henry O. Godwin, and Shanghai Pierce.

Who was executed by Henry II?

Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury.

What has the author Henry Law written?

Henry Law has written: 'The construction of roads and streets' -- subject(s): Roads, Streets, Pavements

Did the archbishop of Canterbury own Rochester castle?

Henry I granted the custody of the castle to the Archbishop of Canterbury, William de Corbeil in 1127.

What famous event happened in Canterbury?

The murder of Henry III in 1169.

Archbishop of Canterbury appointed by Henry II and later murdered?

Thomas Becket

Archbishop of Canterbury appointed by Henry II and later murdered was?

Thomas Becket

The archbishop of Canterbury during Henry II's reign was whom?

Thomas Becket

Who crowned Henry VIII?

That is usually the job of the Archbishop of Canterbury. At the time it was William Warham.

Who led the Church of England's separation from Rome?

King Henry VIII and the Bishop of Canterbury.