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He had adopted a new religion and wanted to encourage others to convert as well.

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One was to promote buddhist values in his kingdom. For example, he would tell people to practice nonviolence. Another goal was for the general welfare of people in his kingdom to be good. His third goal was to have good justice, or court systems, in his empire. His fourth and last was to make his country have good security. This included dealing with and protecting from non-citizens and bordering

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Q: Why did ashoka the great write his edicts?
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Why did Ashoka the Great write the Edicts?

Answer this question…He had adopted a new religion and wanted to encourage others to convert as well.

Who was ashoka and what was his edicts?

Ashoka was the son of Bindusara and his grandfather chandragupta. His edicts tell that what he was doing for his people and how they should live and also tells about his life

What are the four edicts of ashoka?

The four Edicts are: Buddhist Values General Welfare Justice Security

Which great Indian ruler first enacted a law for the protection of wildlife and environment?

The great Indian ruler Ashoka was the first to enact specific laws for the protection of wildlife and the environment through his edicts that promoted conservation and compassion towards animals.

Which of the rulers is referred to as devanampiya and piyadassi in his edicts written in the brahmi script?


From Where Is Ashoka Chakra Taken?

It is taken from the Lions capital of Ashoka and having presence on various edicts of Ashoka. It has replaced pre independence charakha on the national flag. It has 24 spokes.

What are the inscriptions of ancient India?

Two of them are Ashoka's edicts and the inscriptions found on the remains of the towns:Mohenjo-daro and Harappa.

Which Emperor led the Maurya Empire and was known for granting religious freedom?

King Ashoka in his rock edicts

What purpose did Ashoka's edicts serve?

The edicts were purpose is to promote four main goals:Buddhism values, general welfare, justice, and security.

Who made the ashoka chakra?

ashoka chakra was made by ASHOKA (Ashoka the great), the Indian emperor who ruled the Maurya Dynasty.

Who is Ashoka in ancient India?

Ashoka was the greatest ruler of the Maurya Empire. He stopped fighting wars to try to gain land instead he started to trade. He also converted into Buddhism. Lastly, he made his own edicts which are like laws.

Where is great Emperor Ashoka's palace?

The Emperor Ashoka's palace was in Pataliputra.