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cause he followed kautilya's philosophy of waging war to expand his power

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Q: Why did asoka wage war early in his reign?
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What religion did asoka join after years of bloody war?


What was the effect of kalinga war on asoka?

He adopted buddhism and ahimsa

What dress asoka used after kalinga war?

wedding dress

Asoka converted to Buddhism after?

Asoka converted to Buddhism after the war, because he was sickened by the blood of civilians in the river. Asoka converted to Buddhism after meeting Buddhist monks in a quest for finding inner peace.

Kalinga war was fought between Asoka and whom?

karina kapoor

Why is asoka one of India's greatest ruler?

ashoka was stopped war after Kalinga

What animals go to wage war on their own species?

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What are the differences between chandragupta and asoka?

chandragupta and asoka both had changing moments in there life like chandragupta became paranoid and starved himself to death and asoka experienced a bloody war so he converted to buddhism and spread the religeon to places.

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to wage war against enemies

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