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Thomas Becket refused to sign the Constitutions of Clarendon which restricted ecclesiastical privileges and curbed the power of the Church courts and the extent of Papal authority in England.

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It was a power struggle between Church and State. Becket refused to allow churchmen to be tried in secular courts.

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Q: Why did becket and the king fall out?
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Why did Henry 2 fall out with becket?

Henry 2 fall out with Becket because instead of helping Henry Becket Began to stand up to him and defend the right of the church.

Who is Tomas a becket?

Thomas Becket, also known as Thomas à Becket, was the Archbishop of Canterbury in the 12th century. He clashed with King Henry II over the rights and privileges of the church. Becket was ultimately murdered by followers of the King, which led to his sainthood and the veneration of his memory as a martyr.

Who murdered Thomas Becket and why?

king the second murdered Thomas Becket because he didnt support the king

In Becket or the Honor of God why was the king going to be flogged?

as penance for murdering Becket (i think he agreed to it)

What did Thomas Becket do to the people who supported the king?

When Thomas Becket came back to England, he refused to forgive the King's followers and excommunicated them (banished them from the Church).

Who was king at the time of thomas becket?

Thomas Becket opposed King Henry II of England over questions relating to the relative importance of the Church and the Monarchy.

Who was most responsible for Thomas Becket's death?

Thomas was murdered by followers of King Henry II after the King hinted broadly that he wanted Becket removed from his life.

Who killed Tomas becket?

Tomas Becket was an archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered. King Henry the second was blamed for his murder.

What action in 1170 made becket furious?

In 1170 Henry ordered the archbishop of york to crown the next king. this meant to be the archbishops of Canterbury's job! Becket was furious .

Why St Thomas A' Becket murdered?

he was a thief from the king

Did the king want thomas becket to die?

probally not

When did Thomas becket become king?

Thomas Beckett became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162. He was never king. thomas becket never was king I don't know wher you got that from. but realy wher did you get thet from?