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Girls were not educated in the middle ages because when they were older instead going out for a job most of them would just stay in and have to do housework. so thats why girlslearned how to cook and clean instead.

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In the old days, girls were expected to marry and become housewives, not to get jobs and support their families. Therefore, only boys were taught things like reading and writing so that they could get better jobs.

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Q: Why did boys go to school but girls didn't in Tudor times?
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Did girls get eductaed in Tudor times?

Tudor girls didn't go to school but some girls were taught by their mothers at home. It was mainly the very rich ones who where home tutored.

How were girls raised in Tudor times?

that they were inferiour to men.

Did poor children in Tudor times go to school?

No, poor children did not go to school during Tudor times. During this time period very children went to school or were educated.

What was the usual age to get married in Tudor times?

girls had to be 12 and boy had to be 14

How were the husbands of upper class girls in Tudor times?

Husbands were chosen by parents.

What was it like to be a child in Tudor Times?

life as a tudor child was hard work because they had to work all day

What age did boys go to school in Tudor times?

age 6

What happens if you break the school rules on Tudor times?

You would be flogged with the birch.

What was the life of a child in Tudor time?

Not many children went to school in Tudor times. Those that did go were mainly the sons of wealthy or working families who could afford to pay the attendance fee. Boys began school at the age of 4 and moved to grammar school when they were 7. Girls were kept at home by their parents to help with housework. Also they were pretty awesome

Who is the Abraham man in Tudor times?

The "Abraham man" was a tudor beggar,back in the tudor times.

What was the name of a Tudor newspaper?


What happened if you break school rules in Tudor times?

You would be flogged severely with the birch on your bare buttocks.