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Slaves formed families and had children.

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In the beginning, there was not much people who were willing to work for wages in Chesapeake society which is why indentured servants were brought from England. They became the backbone of the colony.

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The headright system. :)

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Q: Why did indentured servants become important to chesapeake society?
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Why did indentured servants become important to the early virginia economy and society?

Because they were indentured.

In the late 1600s the element of society in the English colonies that caused the greatest social unrest was?

Indentured servants.

What are similarities and differences between slaves and indentured servants?

Similarities: Both slaves and indentured servants were considered property and could be bought and sold. They were often used as laborers in various industries. Differences: Slaves were owned for life and had no rights or control over their own fate, while indentured servants worked for a set period of time to pay off a debt or obligation and could eventually gain their freedom. Indentured servants also had some legal protections and could eventually become free members of society.

What was the difference between slaves and indentured servants in the 1700 colonial society?

Indentured Servants had a specific end date written into their contracts, so that when the contract expired, they will have worked off their debt to their employer. A Slave is the Chattel (movable property) of the owner and belongs to the master for life.

What was one difference between slaves and indentured servants in 1700s colonial society?

Slavery was for life. Servitude was for a specified limited time.

Who was the more reliable worker indentured servants or slaves?

In the era of forced labor, slaves were considered by owners to be more reliable than indentured servants. This is because the owners saw how indentured servants were more likely to rebel and resist due to their superior educational background and exposure to outside society when compared to slaves. Additionally, indentured servants were knowledgeable about the eventual termination of their forced service via a contract that bound them to the owner. They knew they could, at some point or another, look forward to freedom after working off their debts. Slaves on the other hand were bound for life to their masters, and therefore, had no promises of freedom to look forward to. Though more expensive, owners found that slaves were far more obedient than indentured servants were. Lastly, masters soon found that they could also "breed" new slaves to add to their workforce, whereas they could not force indentured servants to do the same.

What was the difference between calvert's manor system plan in Maryland and use of indentured servants in Virginia was?

Calvert's manor system in Maryland focused on establishing large land grants to attract wealthy settlers who would bring in indentured servants or slaves to work on the land. In Virginia, the heavy reliance on indentured servants led to the development of a more hierarchical society based on labor contracts, while the manor system in Maryland allowed for a more feudal-like structure with landowners having greater control over the workforce.

What happened to indentured servants after freedom?

After their term of indenture expired, some indentured servants became tenant farmers, laborers, or artisans. Others moved to cities to work in various trades. However, many continued to face economic hardship and discrimination. Some sought to acquire land and start their own farms, while others struggled to make a living in a society that still marginalized them.

Indentured servants who were freed caused conflict in the colonies by?

competing with other laborers for jobs, causing tensions and resentments among the local population. Their presence also threatened the economic interests of wealthy landowners who relied on cheap labor to maintain their agricultural operations. Additionally, some freed indentured servants faced difficulties reintegrating into society and finding stable employment, leading to social unrest and discontent.

How were the slaves lives and indentured servants similar?

They were not the same. Indentured servants were to serve 7 years, but often they left before they finished their time. They could blend in so it made it hard to find them, but any person who was black was a slave and needed a pass to leave the plantation. Indentured servants were paid and free after 7 years. Slaves were never paid and were considered property.

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