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The Revolutionary War (1776 - 1783) was the cause of the majority of emigrants from the 13 colonies to leave for Canada. Though the conflict was ostensibly between the colonists and Great Britain, it was just as often a war between the rebellious colonists and the loyalist colonists. This conflict between the loyaltists and the rebels was brutal and vicious. Another cause to consider was the post-war policy of the victors to confiscate the lands and buildings of the defeated loyalists. Therefore, imposed poverty was the loyalist only option if he remained. Quite of number relocated to England, though a majority settled in Canada's maritime provinces.

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It must be remembered that support for the Revolution was by no means overwhelming, let alone unanimous. A large minority of colonists supported the British. Most of those colonists who moved to Canada shortly after the Revolution did so because they had supported the British during the Revolutionary War. They moved north either because they wanted to remain loyal to the British Crown, or escape from persecution at the hands of those who had supported the Revolution (or both). They were called 'United Empire Loyalists. Many of them settled in Nova Scotia, but some settled on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, in the Bay of Quinte area, and along the north shore of the St Lawrence River. There was a later group of Americans who came north around 1800 and the dozen years thereafter. Most of them settled in Upper Canada (now the Province of Ontario). Most of those people were just interested in acquiring cheap land for homesteading.

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An immigrant's experience in Canada:

The Canadian government solicits potential immigrants and dupes them into bringing their skills and money to Canada. It advertises the country to people from other countries, mainly for their money; each prospective economic immigrant has to bring with them minimum $10,000. It's a scam but then again so is everything else in Canada. When the Canadian govt is engaged in such a scam you can only imagine the extent to which the average Canadian individual is also involved in a scam of their own to survive, everything from phoney govt jobs to independent Immigration consultants. Every Canadian is involved in some kind of a scam. Fraud is a way of life in Canada and you have to do your part just to pay the bills to extortionist utility, rent, insurance companies, etc. If you come with the mentality - as immigrants erroneously do - that this is a developed country and expect an efficient and competent system you will be greatly mistaken: Malfeasance is the call of the day in Canada.

Since the country's economy largely depends on service, and Canada no longer a manufacturing country, the best show in town in terms of gainful employment is a govt job. That requires "networking" - code word for FAVORITISM in Canada - forget about best qualified person getting the job. In many respects Canada is a developing country. There's a disconnect between the political class and the average person (which explains the immigration disaster, among other common fundamentally flawed and corrupt practices).

Canadians are cold and standoffish. Nothing happens and everybody keeps it to themselves. It's the most socially inept country in the world. Since it's socially dead country one becomes accustomed to abnormal behavior. Canada lacks national identity and national culture. Subsequently everyone identifies with the country of their parents or great parents' origin. Forget about assimilation and adapting to Canada, you cannot assimilate and adapt to an unreceptive environment. Consequently racial attitudes are behind 30-40 years, say the United States. Which is really unfortunate because the country's population is aging at an incredible rate, and the average immigrant stays for a few years and eventually leaves. (40% of all immigrants to Canada at any given year leave so within a few years - Statscan.) To augment this the govt typically brings in even more people. There's a continuous flow of "new" arrivals filling the position of those who have come and gone.

Major cities, namely Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, are decaying socially and economically. Heavy drinking, drug use and other social problems are rampant along with crumbling infrastructure. But people in Canada don't discuss issues of national importance, they lack coherent objective national discourse. People complain and say what they think they're supposed to say, or, more accurately, say what they think will make them sound smart. Whether inferiority complex or other social deformity, people in Canada dislike constructive criticism and altruism. They remain risk averse to a fault, so problems fester. Everyone simply prefers to pretend everything is nice and dandy.

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Q: Why did some residents of the thirteen colonies choose to leave for Canada?
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