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the wolves came out then

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Q: Why did the Anglo Saxons call January Wolf Month?
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What does the first nations wolf crest represent?

wolf in first nation culture is a symbol of protector

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What is the translation of The Wolf and the Sow by Marie de France?

"The Wolf and the Sow" Marie de France (trans. Harriet Spiegel. Fables Marie de France. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1987). Once long ago a wolf strolled down A path and chance to come upon A sow who was with piglets big. He hastily approached the pig. He'd give her peace, he told the sow, If quickly she'd bear piglets now - Her piglet babes he wished to have. With wisdom, this response she gave: "My lord, who can you hurry me? When you, so close to me I see, I cannot bear my young outright; I'm so ashamed when in your sight. Do you not sense the implication? All women suffer degradation If male hands should dare to touch At such a time, or even approach!" With this the wolf hid in retreat Who'd sought the baby pigs to eat. The mother pig could now proceed Who through her cleverness was freed. All women ought to hear this tale And should remember it as well: Merely to avoid a lie, They should not let their children die!

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January was called Wolf month because that month is in more danger of being devoured by wolves than in any other month.

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