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The communist beliefs that the Bolsheviks followed say that banks, industries and the like should belong to all the people and nationalizing them mad ethat happen.The Bolsheviks nationalised banks and industries in Russia in an attempt to prevent international globalism and corporatism take over of their country`s economy.


Generally speaking, the Bolsheviks were "Russian Marxists". This is a term they themselves would use. Lenin and Trotsky studied Marx. Their purpose was to establish a Dictatorship of the proletariat. Perhaps it was Trotsky better than anyone else who saw the difference between a possible worker revolution in England before the nationalism of peoples took place, and a worker revolution in Russia. If Marx and Engels had been alive to witness the Bolshevik revolution, they could not call it a revolution powered by the workers.

The first steps of the Bolsheviks was to begin the process of turning the means of production over to themselves as there was no one else. Whatever their ideals, the purpose was economic control and banks and steel mills as examples had to be centrally controlled by the Bolsheviks. There was no other alternative.

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Q: Why did the Bolsheviks nationalize banks and industries in Russia?
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