Who named botany bay?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who named botany bay?
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What year was stingray bay changed to be named Botany Bay?

Initially, Botany Bay was named Stingray Harbour (not "Bay"). The name was changed in the same year Cook discovered it - 1770. His ship's log from May 1770 recorded the name "Stingray Harbour", but when he transcribed his logs into his journal shortly afterwards, he changed the name to Botany Bay.

In what year did Captain Cook discover Botany Bay?

James Cook (still a lieutenant at this stage) discovered and named Botany Bay on Australia's east coast in April 1770.

What companion did Captain Cook name Botany Bay after?

James Cook (not yet a captain) did not name Botany Bay after any of his companions. Botany Bay was so named because of the many varieties of new plant life that botanist Sir Joseph Banks noted.

How would you get to Botany Bay in England?

Botany Bay is in Australia.

What state is Botany Bay in?

Botany Bay is in New South Wales.

When was Botany Bay - song - created?

Botany Bay - song - was created in 1885.

What did the first sailors think about Australia?

Captain James Cook described botany bay/Sydney Cove as looking similar to that of south Wales, hense he named the area of Sydney Cove/Botany Bay NEW South Wales.

Why is Botany Bay now called Sydney harbor?

Botany Bay is now still called Botany Bay. Originally intended as the site for the colony of New South Wales, Botany Bay proved unsuitable for the purpose, so it should not be confused with Port Jackson, the site where Sydney was first established. However, because of the expansion of Sydney, Botany Bay is now part of the city of Sydney. The first name for Botany Bay was Stingray Harbour.

Was Botany Bay in New South Wales?

Yes. Botany Bay was, and is, in New South Wales.

When was Jim Jones at Botany Bay created?

Jim Jones at Botany Bay was created in 1907.

How long from Botany Bay to Port Jackson?

The distance from Botany Bay to Port Jackson is about 8km.

What is the area of City of Botany Bay?

The area of City of Botany Bay is 22 square kilometers.