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When the First Fleet arrived in botany Bay on 18 January 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip immediately determined that there was insufficient fresh water, an absence of usable timber, poor quality soil and no safe harbour at Botany Bay. Thus the fleet was moved to Port Jackson, arriving on 26 January 1788.

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Q: Why was Port Jackson chosen and not Botany Bay?
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How long from Botany Bay to Port Jackson?

The distance from Botany Bay to Port Jackson is about 8km.

How many convicts came to Botany Bay?

None. The convicts did not settle at Botany Bay, but at Port Jackson.

Where did the Eora people live?

The Eora territory spread from the Georges River and botany Bay in the south to Port Jackson.

Where is Botany bay located?

Botany Bay is located about 8 km south of Port Jackson, where Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, lies.

Why is Botany Bay now called Sydney harbor?

Botany Bay is now still called Botany Bay. Originally intended as the site for the colony of New South Wales, Botany Bay proved unsuitable for the purpose, so it should not be confused with Port Jackson, the site where Sydney was first established. However, because of the expansion of Sydney, Botany Bay is now part of the city of Sydney. The first name for Botany Bay was Stingray Harbour.

What were Conditions in Botany Bay?

It was found to be infertile, so the settlement was transferred immediately to Port Jackson.

What capital city is found on Botany Bay?

The New South Wales capital of Sydney has now expanded to Botany Bay, but Sydney did not have its origins there. Botany Bay was unsuitable for settlement, so Sydney was first established on the shores of Port Jackson.

Was there any difficulty when they colonized Botany Bay?

There was a problem with finding fresh water at Botany Bay. The harbor was too shallow for some ships. Eventually the colony was moved to Port Jackson.

Did captain cook stop at Port Jackson?

No. James Cook stopped at Botany Bay, but then continued up the coast, past Port Jackson which, in the end, proved more suitable for settlement.

What bay did Sir Joseph Banks recommend for the penal colony?

Sir Joseph Banks recommended that Botany Bay be the site of the new penal colony.In the end, Botany Bay proved impractical, and the site was moved to Port Jackson.

Did the first fleet sail to Botany Bay?

Yes. However, the First Fleet did not stay in Botany Bay as it was not suitabke for settlement. Instead, the fleet moved north to Port Jackson, which is where the first European colony was established.

When did the Charlotte reach Botany Bay?

The First Fleet ship, the Charlotte, reached Botany Bay on 18 January 1788 but, with the rest of the First Fleet was moced to Port Jackson, arriving on 26 January 1788.