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At botany Bay, the Union Jack was first hoisted in Australia. The English explorer Captain James Cook landed here in 1770. Cook and his men waded ashore in April 1770. The bay later proved unsuitable, and the colony was located at Port Jackson.

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When James Cook reached Botany Bay, many of the crew went ashore to perform various tasks. The botanists, for example, collected and made notes on the plant species. Cook himself made sketches and observations. One man, Forby Sutherland, died of tuberculosis and was buried on land.

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Q: What happened at Botany Bay in 1770?
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What year was stingray bay changed to be named Botany Bay?

Initially, Botany Bay was named Stingray Harbour (not "Bay"). The name was changed in the same year Cook discovered it - 1770. His ship's log from May 1770 recorded the name "Stingray Harbour", but when he transcribed his logs into his journal shortly afterwards, he changed the name to Botany Bay.

What year did Captain James Cook sail into Botany Bay?

James Cook sailed into Botany Bay in 1770.At the time, Cook was still a Lieutenant, and not yet a Captain.

In what year did Captain Cook discover Botany Bay?

James Cook (still a lieutenant at this stage) discovered and named Botany Bay on Australia's east coast in April 1770.

Where exactly is Botany Bay located?

Botany Bay is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It was the site of James Cook's first landing in Australia in the year 1770 on the 29th of April.

Who was the first British person to die in Australia?

Sailor Forby Sutherland in Endeavour Botany Bay 1770.

What was Botony Bay first called?

Botany Bay was originally called Stingray Harbor by Captain James Cook. It was first seen on April 29, 1770. Botany Bay was a harbor through which thousands of prisoner were transported to Australia.

When was botnys bay discovered?

Captain James Cook first landed at Kurnell, on the southern banks of Botany Bay, on Saturday 29 April 1770

What did Captain Cook discover on 28th of April 1770?

On 28 April 1770, Captain Cook discovered Botany Bay. On 29 April 1770 Cook's vessel, the Endeavour, sailed into Botany Bay. He described the bay as being "tolerably well sheltered", and initially named it Stingray Bay, after the large numbers of stingray he noted. The name was later changed to Botany Bay due to the vast numbers of new and unique botanical specimens noted by the ship's botanists, including Joseph Banks. Within the bay, Cook named Cape Solander and Cape Banks after Banks and Finnish botanist Daniel Solander.

What happened on 29 April 1770?

The United States Declaration of Independenceis a statement adopted by the Continental Congress

Which famous bay in sydney Australia was the site of a landing by captain James cook?

James Cook (a Lieutenant when he arrived in Australia, not a captain) claimed the east coast of Australia for Great Britain in 1770. He named it New South Wales.

When did James Cook arrive at Botany Bay?

Yes. At the time, he was not yet a captain, but Lieutenant James Cook discovered Botany Bay in April 1770. Originally, he gave it the name of "Stingray Harbour", but the name was changed after he and his crew (including botanist Joseph Banks) landed and discovered such a variety of new plant species there.

Who discovered botany bay in Australia?

Botany Bay was discovered by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770 during his first voyage to the Pacific Ocean. Cook was a British explorer and navigator who later claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain.