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they didnt have the right equipment

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Q: Why did the English fail to find the norhtwest passage?
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Will you find the poles in the American northwest or southwest?


Will you find the totem poles in the American Northwest or Southwest?


Why did Henry Hudson fail his 1st voyage?

The passage he had hoped to find was covered in ice so he was unable to make it through.

What was Henry Hudson's motivation?

To find the northwest passage.

Why did the English french and dutch try to find a northwest passage?

The Dutch, English, and French tried to find a Northwest Passasge to allow ships to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Also, Henry Hudson and Michael Ciampo were the first french and dutch expolorers to found the nortwest passage way.

Did the dutch hired English captain Henry Hudson to look for a westward passage to the indies?

Henry Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company. He was hired in order to find a new passage to Asia.

Why was the northwest passage so important?

it was important to find it because English, French and Dutch explorers were looking to get rich dog and cats to

What was the reason for Henry Hudson's exploration?

To find a passage to Asia.

What was Henry Hudson's first trip?

To find the Northwest passage.

Who tried to find the north west passage?

magellan tried to find the west passage

Henry Hudson was sent by the in search of a northwest passage?

Henry Hudson was sent by the Dutch East India Company to find a western route to Asia. They are considered to be the first multi-national corporation in the world, as well as the first to issue stock.

Why did evertyone want to find the north west passage?

why did everyone want to find the north west passage