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because they had no life!!

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Q: Why did the Prussian kings become more independent and powerful than other German kings?
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Why did Prussian kings become more independent and powerful than other German Kings?

because they had no life!!

Why did Prussian kings become more powerful and independent than German kings?

The Prussians lived & breathed on militarism. They trained their soldiers well. They were relentless in the art of war.

When did Prussia become independent?

Between the XVII and XIV centuries the prussian power was rising until become the major power that in 1871 defeated France and formed Germany.

List the Prussian values and assets that caused the Second German Empire to become the strongest European state?

the southern German states had agreed to enter the north German confederation. on January 18, 1871, Bismarck and six hundred German princes, nobles, and generals filled the hall of mirrors in the palace of Versailles's, 12 miles outside Paris's. William I of Prussia was proclaimed kaiser, or emperor, of the second German empire. German unity had been achieved by the Prussian monarchy and the Prussian army. The authoritarian and militaristic values of Prussia were triumphant in the new German state.

What increased Prussia power in the 17th and 18th century?

The Franco-Prussian war. Prussia beat France and took Alsace-Lorraine. Then Otto von Bismark unified the German states to become the Germany that we know today.

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