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Because the people were tired of being touched by Catholic priests.

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Q: Why did the Roman Catholic hierarchy come under attack after the 13th century?
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What is is the roman hierarchy system?

If it does not refer to political system of ancient Roman empire and its aristocratic or oligarchic society, it maybe refers to Catholic church and its hierarchy. in fact, hierarchy in that meaning indicates who is who ; for instance : priest , bishop and so on...

What religion was Scotland in the 16th century?

Roman Catholic

What is the Background of religion in Verona during the 16th Century?

Verona, like all of Italy, was Roman Catholic during the 16th century. Indeed it's primarily Roman Catholic now.

What is the hierarchy of roman?

The hierarchy of Roman what? Please restate you question.

Which European country was heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church in the 18th century?

Great Britain was heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church.

Who is Valentine Fleischmann?

16th century disgraced roman catholic priest

Who started the Roman Catholic Church movement in the 16th century?

.Catholic AnswerNobody started the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century, it had been doing fine for sixteen centuries since Our Blessed Lord started it in the first century.

What three parts were Christianity divided into?

Christianity can be divided into three parts: the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Protestantism. The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church split in the 11th Century. Protestantism was born from Reformation in the 16th Century and split from the Roman Catholic Church at that time.

What was Michelangelo's religion?

Michelangelo was a Roman Catholic. He is best known as a painter, sculptor, and architect from Italy during the 16th century.

Which church separated from the Roman Catholic Church?

It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the official Catholic Church. The Orthodox Churches separated from the Catholic Church in the 11th century in the Schism of the East.

What has the author George V Palath written?

George V. Palath has written: 'I survived present-day Roman Catholic hierarchy' -- subject(s): Biography, Catholic ex-priests

How old is the Catholic bible to the current date?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe New Testament was finalized, as we have it now, in the fourth century.