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disarmament failed because each country did not trust each other enough to put away all of their armed forces. Many countries said they would disarm but then just ignored it later. Britain said they wouldn't disarm as they wanted an army for later defence.

So at the Disarmament conference Hitler walked out because he demanded the same amount of weapons as everyone else, thus making everyone else not to listen to disarmament and for the whole system to fail.

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Dont belive this website its all fake by the government who is very stupid and is trying to kill us all

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Q: Why did the disarmament conference fail?
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What was purpose of the Washington disarmament conference?

The purpose of the Washington disarmament conference is to control the construction of navy ships.

When did the disarmament conference collapse?


Why did Hitler withdraws from the disarmament conference?

Hitler withdrew from the Geneva Disarmament Conference because of outrage with the French. He felt the two countries should be equally armed.

What disarmament conference did Harding sponsor?

President Warren G. Harding sponsored the Washington Treaty for Naval Disarmament. The conference took place in June of 1921.

Members of the world disarmament conference?

65 Nations were at the conference to disarm every nation

What discussed global disarmament and pacific securtiy?

Washington Conference.

Which president is associated with the Washington Disarmament Conference?

Warren Harding called the Washington Disarmament Conference (otherwise known as the Washington Naval Conference) from 1921 - 1922. It was outside the League of Nations, attended by 9 countries regarding interest in the Pacific Ocean and East Asia. It was the first arms control conference in history and was considered a model for success in the disarmament movement.

What has the author Margaret A Vogt written?

Margaret A. Vogt has written: 'The United Nations special session on disarmament' -- subject(s): Disarmament, Nuclear disarmament, United Nations, United Nations. Conference of the Committee on Disarmament

What was the Washington conference?

The leaders of the Washington Conference hoped to attain naval disarmament among the world's major powers

What is world disarmament conference?

it was a bunch of conferences i think it was a bunch of conferences i think

When was the Washington Naval Disarmament Conference?

From November 1921 until February 1922.

What discussed global disarmament and pacific sercurity?

The Washington Naval Conference discussed global disarmament and Pacific security. This was through the signing of the Kellogg Briand pact.