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The government encouraged the search for gold to stimulate the economy and encourage Immigration. One of the main problems was that so many people left the Australian colonies to join the gold rush in California. The outward tide of manpower needed to be stemmed, and this could best be done by encouraging within Australia the very thing that was drawing people out ofAustralia at the time.

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The Australian government offered incentives to find gold in order to stem the tide of Australians leaving for the Californian goldrushes. Valuable manpower was being lost from Australia.

Therefore, despite early gold discoveries being suppressed, the New South Wales government decided to offer a substantial reward to the first person to find gold.

Only the first person needed a reward. Once the goldrush began, Australian would-be prospectors concentrated their efforts at finding their "fortune in gold" on Australian soil.

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Q: Why did the government encourage the search for gold in 1851?
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Who did all the gold belong to before the gold rush?

before 1851, all gold in Australia belonged to the Government. Anyone found selling Gold was breaking the law.

Why did the Australian government encourage immigration during the Gold rush?

because the government wants to own the golds only

How did the gold miners find out about the gold in Australia?

Following Edward Hargraves's discovery of payable gold in February 1851, the government made an official announcement, in May1851. The news quickly spread to other communities.

What is a gold license 1851?

A license given to those who wanted to mine gold in 1851, Australia. It was not free, though, and very expensive.

What was an ounce of gold in 1851?


Where was gold discovered in Victoria 1851?

The first gold in Victoria was found in Clunes on 11 June 1851, by James Esmond. However, on 9 August 1851, Victoria's goldrush began when gold was discovered at Mt Alexander, 60km northeast of Ballarat, and close to the town of Bendigo, in July 1851.

What was the main aspect of the 1851 gold rush?

I think that 1 main aspect on the gold rush was that Edward Hargraves was the first person to find gold in New South Wales and he got a grant/ reward for it from the government...

What was found in Australia in 1851?

1851 was the year of the first official gold discoveries in Australia.

When was gold discover in Australia?

Gold seems to have been first discovered in Australia on 15 February 1823, at Fish River in the Bathurst area by Surveyor James McBrien. There are several records of other people finding gold. Polish explorer Paul Strzelecki found gold near Hartley Vale in 1839. Reverend WB Clark found gold near Lithgow in 1941. However, these early discoveries were kept secret, for fear of sparking off unrest among the convicts. As more people left the Australian colonies to join the gold rush in California, the government started to encourage the discovery of payable gold in Australia. The Australian gold rush started when gold was first "officially" discovered in Australia in 1851, not far from Bathurst, New South Wales. The New South Wales government made the official announcement of the discovery of gold on 22 May 1851. Shortly after this, on 9 August 1851, Victoria had its first gold strike at Sovereign Hill near Ballarat, in the same month it gained its independence from the NSW colony. While the Ballarat goldfields were rich and promising, the real goldrush began when gold was discovered at Mt Alexander, 60km northeast of Ballarat, and close to the town of Bendigo.

What triggered the Australian gold rush?

The Australian gold rush was triggered when Edward Hargraves discovered payable gold at Summerhill Creek, near Bathurst, in February 1851 and the government made the official announcement in May of that year.

When did the gold rush begins?

The gold rush began in 1851 NSW

When were gold licenses introduced?

the gold licences were introduced in 1851 on the gold fields by the governor