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The Russian Federation Constitution demands does not allow Putin to run again. He is allowed to be Prime Minister as there is no rule in the Constitution which prevents this. So really he is "President" --just Behind the Scenes. Mir out!

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He was forced to by the Bolsheviks. The Working Class and the Bolsheviks felt that he wasn't a good emperor. He led Russia to have economic and military collapse from the first world war. And he just made it worse by killing more people in Bloody Sunday (search it up). People started to really dislike him and liked the Bolsheviks more (led by Lenin) who thought communism would be best with the Working Class getting their say. After he stepped down, the Bolsheviks took charge and you can learn more by searching up the Bolshevik revolution or the Russian Rev. He was later murdered along with the rest of his family.

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Q: Why did the tsar step down from power?
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