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because slaves meant money, and money power, America wanted power

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Q: Why didn't the US try to solve the problem of slavery before it became a big issue?
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What was Abraham's view towards slavery before he became president?

abe didnt have a problem with it though he didnt approve. he thought it was morally wrong, though he never thought to do anything about it.

What was Bruno Mars' job before he became a singer?

he didnt have an other job

When did Massachusetts legalize slavery?

they didnt

How did slavery benefit Africa?

no it didnt

Why do you think the border state choose to remain in the union despite their suporet of slavery?

they loved the united states and didnt want to be utterly destroyed in the coming war. keep in mind the war wasnt about slavery it was about states rights and i guess those guys didnt have a problem with a strong federal government.

How did John Bell Hood feel about slavery?

there is no recored of him owning slaves, however, he fought for the south which supported slavery. He didnt have a problem with it and he owned a large amount of land which needed upkeep. Suggested he did have slaves to do work.

What life was like in the south after slavery?

Great, but the south didnt fight for slavery

How did US Constitution resolve slavery?

It didnt

How did the north and the south differ in their ideas about extending slavery?

the north didnt want slavery but the south want slavery

What did Millard Fillmore want?

Millard Fillmore want slavery and didnt want slavery

What compromise did the framers reach about slavery?

they didnt care

How did the practice of slavery differ between classical civilizations?

it didnt