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Historians identify this time period in human history as the beginning of 'recorded history'. Writing allows us to express, explain, document and share the reasons why we do what we do. While at the same time it creates a record for others to use to learn and understand.

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Q: Why do historians identify the beginnings of history with the beginning of writing?
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Why do historians identify the beginning of history with the beginning of writing?

Because with out it we would have trouble communicating

What year do most archaeologists and ancient history historians designate as the beginnings of the first true civilization in Sumer?

Most scholars designate around 3500-3100 BCE as the beginning of the first true civilization in Sumer. This period marks the emergence of city-states, writing systems (such as cuneiform), advanced architectural developments like ziggurats, and complex societal structures in the region.

What is the history behind Israel?

The culture and history of Israel is very rich. According to the Bible and many historians, Israel owes it's beginnings from a man named Israel. A good place to research this would be on Wikipedia and at your local library.

Why do historians divide into eras?

Probably because it helps to easily identify different time periods in history that hadsimilar events taking place.

How do historians use methods of inquiry to identify cause and effect?

Historians use methods such as analyzing primary sources, conducting research, and evaluating evidence to identify cause and effect in historical events. By examining multiple sources, looking for patterns, and considering various perspectives, historians can identify and interpret the relationships between events to determine causes and effects. This helps them create a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of history.

What do historians study?

they study the history of our world and the continents such as america

Why do historians study world history?

Historians study world history to gain knowledge......

What does history mean to historians?

what does history mean

What is the study of past events in society?

The study of past events in society is known as history. Historians analyze and interpret the past to understand how societies have evolved over time, identify patterns and trends, and draw lessons for the present and future.

Who made history?


When breaking history into periods historians use turning points to what?

Identify events that marked major social, political, and economic shifts

Who is the patron saint of history?

There is no patron saint of history or historians.