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If they feel their government doesn't have what's best in mind for the individual, people get mad and people rebel.

The basic compulsion to rebel arises when people feel that their lives and living conditions are intolerable, that there is no hope of improvement under the present government, that the present government doesn't care about them and will do nothing for the. Once people see that their government does not have its welfare in mind and that it never will, those people will seek to overthrow that government in order to better themselves.

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People take arms in their hands when they are oppressed, have fire in their stomach, when their basic human and civil rights are grossly violated by the oppressors. In India, the Maoists have rebelled against the authority after they capitalized the sufferings of the tribal people, who were denied their land rights even in their home land where they have been living for centuries,after they remain starved for days together, denied to collect fire woods for their livlihood.

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Because they don't belvie in what their government is doing.

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Q: Why do people rebel against the French Revolution?
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What was Jean-Jacques Rousseau's significance in history?

He criticized the inequality in society that was justified by 'natural law' (some people are born low class and other to rule). His ideas were the fundamental ideology behind the French Revolution, and they justified the rebel of the poor during the revolution.

Why did enslaved people do to rebel against their situations?

They would destroy the owners plants/crops.

Why is the french indo-china war important?

It was important because after the war England taxed the colonists due to their debt. This sparked tension in the colonies to later rebel against Britain. Which later caused the American Revolution, which gave Americans their freedom

Were the French people fighting for their liberty during French Revolution Terrorists?

Some were, but the overwhelming majority were not. What makes a rebel a terrorist is when he attacks a civilian population with the intent that such an attack will cause a government to accede to his demands. A non-terrorist rebel typically attacks soldiers of the government he opposes. In the case of the French Revolution, the rebels opposed the French military, which would put them into the non-terrorist category. What makes a government a terrorist is when it brutally attacks or represses its own citizens. After attaining power, the rebels established a new French Republican Government with a "Committee for Public Safety". This committee, chaired by Robespierre was responsible for the Reign of Terror in which numerous French civilians were guillotined for minor offenses if any. This was an act of terror, and individuals like Robespierre may well be seen as terrorists.

Who is the man who led rebel forces in their fight against the Syrians?

Judah Maccabeus

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What revolutionary movement inspired the french to rebel?

The American Revolution

Why did the great fear make people not support the revolution?

The people thought it was wrong to rebel against their rightful ruler, the King of England.

Who were the people involved in the Philippine revolution?

The Philippine American war had Rebel Filipinos fighting against other Rebel Filipinos and against the US Forces, The Philippine constabulary and the Philippine Scouts.

How did the Haitian revolution affect other in the Americas?

It led people in other Western Hemisphere counties to rebel against their colonial rulers.

How did the Haitian revolution affect countries in the Americas?

It led people in other Western Hemisphere counties to rebel against their colonial rulers.

How did the Haitian Revolution affect other countries in the Americas?

It led people in other Western Hemisphere counties to rebel against their colonial rulers.

Why did the affranchis decide to rebel against the french government in saint domingo?

The affranchis rebelled against the French government in Saint Domingo due to their lack of political rights and discrimination despite being free people of color. They were inspired by the ideas of the French Revolution and sought equality and freedom from oppressive colonial rule. The affranchis also wanted to protect their own economic and social interests in the colony.

What was Patrick Henry's contribution to the revolution?

He influenced many colonists to rebel against British rule

Why were factory owners against the formation of unions during the industrial revolution?

So they dont rebel

Who did the french rebel against during the time of the Civil War?

Their own government.

How did the American revolution infuence the french revolution?

It didn't. The only real link is the fact that much of the money problems that caused the French to rebel was caused by the American's failure to repay debts owed.

How did these ideas influence politics in the french colony of saint domingue?

They inspired Africans to rebel against Saint-Domingue's unfair government.