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because she when to war to save her family

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Q: Why do the Chinese still honor mulan?
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Is mulan from Japan?

No, Mulan is Chinese.

Is mulan Japanese?

Fa Mulan is Chinese .

What did mulan wear?

First off Mulan is Chinese. The Chinese are similar to the Japenese yet are different in ways.

Is mulan Chinese?


What clothes did Mulan wear?

First off Mulan is Chinese. The Chinese are similar to the Japenese yet are different in ways.

Who is Hua Mulan?

Mulan's full name is Fa-Mulan, which in Chinese Pinyin is Hua Mulan. Her date of birth and death is unknown. But what we are sure is she joined the army and fought for her country in 166 BC.

What army did Mulan joins?

Chinese army

How was mulan judged by society in movie mulan?

In the time and society in which the movie Mulan takes place, women were to be seen and not heard. And everyone tried their best to bring honor to their families. So Mulan, being a young woman, was supposed to bring honor to her family by marrying an honorable man. (This is why she and the other girls go to see the Matchmaker at the beginning.)

Is the art at the opening of Disney's mulan Japanese art?

The art would be chinese. The movie Mulan is set in ancient China

Which Disney animation was based on an ancient Chinese legend?


Mulan story vs Disney's mulan?

The difference between the original legend and Disney's adaptation of the legend are:In the original legend, her name is Hua Mulan. In the Disney film, Mulan's full name is Fa Mulan. Fa is Cantonese while Hua is Chinese.In the original legend, Mulan has a brother who is too young to be enlisted into the army while in the Disney film, Mulan's brother is not featured.In the original Mulan legend, Mulan uses her father's name Li, and she was never discovered as a female, unlike in the film.The original legend states Hau Mulan fought in the Chinese army for 12 years. It was unlikely she fought that long in the film as she still appears young.

What is the history of the Mulan Dragon?

Mulan Dragon is a fantastic character in cartoon film presented by Disney in 1998, it didn't exist in Chinese history.