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They say both yes sir and aye sir. Since they come from sailors, they say aye. Aye is not the same as yes; aye is an affirmative answer

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Q: Why do the marines say aye sir instead of yes sir?
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What is a Marine Corps affirmative response?

"Oorah" is the cry used by modern day Marines, but "Aye, Aye Sir" remains an accepted term.

How do you say okay to your captain?

If you are in the Navy or Coast Guard, you say "Aye Sir", or "Aye Captain". In the other services, you say "Yes Sir", or "Yes Captain".

How do you say yes in the navy?

The Navy has developed a whole language of its own over the centuries. Typically someone that has been given an order will respond with Aye, Sir! or Aye Aye, Sir! The single Aye is normally used with a repeated order, such as "Aye, Sir! Coming to heading 240, Sir!" where is Aye aye is used independent of anything else. A commanding officer, and only the commanding officer, can reply, Wilco! Which is short for "Will Comply."

Do people respect marines?

I would say so Yes , sir - Semper Fidelis !

Why was Zebulon Pike trying to find The Great Mississippi River?

Pike was an Army Lieutenant and when an Army General tells you to do something you simply say "AYE AYE SIR" and carry out his order.

Is it eye eye captain or aye aye captain?

It is aye, aye, captain. In the pirate language "aye" is a equivalent for "yes". So in this case ~Aye aye captain~ is like saying ~Yes captain~.

Why do they say 'Aye' in the Navy?

The term "Aye" or "Aye-Aye" is the Naval term for "Yes", "Okay", "Affirmative", etc. It is a positive response / acknowledgment to a question or command, or an indication of understanding. For example, an officer might issue a command, "Take up the slack on Line 1". The response would be "Aye, Sir", or "Aye, Lt.", or Aye and the person's rank and name. Another example would be an order to a helmsman to increase speed to flank; the reply would be "Ahead flank, Aye" to acknowledge the order. Even 17 years after I left the Navy, I still use the term daily in general conversation, since it's used quite often in the daily life of any sailor.

When a captain gives a order what does the first mate respond?

Any order a captain gives any crew member (not just the first mate) should be repeated to ensure that the order is fully understood.

How do you address a letter to several men?

You put in your address and instead of saying "Dear sir," you would say, "To whom it may concern"

How do soldiers say yes?

"Sir, yes, sir!"? ___ In the British Army they simply say: Sir!

How do you say yes sir in Arabic?

Sir means sayed and you say it to the same people you say sir forThe Arabic word for (sir) is (سيدى) (sayedy) so if you want to say (hi sir) > (مرحبا سيدى) (marhaban sayedy)In Maghrebi Arabic dialects, the word سيدي is pronounced as sidi instead of sayedi.

What does 'hard to starboard' mean?

Hard to starboard means that the ship's rudder is turned hard to the right moving ship to the right. Leaving it hard to starboard will results in the ship going in circles. Typically the order is followed by a course to steady on. "Helmsman, rudder hard to starboard, come to course 320!" "Rudder hard to starboard, coming to course 320, aye, sir!" "Quartermaster, aye, sir!" "Sir, steady on course 320, checking course 324, sir!" "Very well! Steady as she goes!"