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The Estates General was called at the discretion of the king. For 175 years, no monarch had chosen to call a meeting. Louis XVI was flummoxed over what to do about France's economic problems, as well as how voting should be done. The Third Estate was at a disadvantage when the vote went by estate, since the First and Second Estates tended to vote together.

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Q: Why had the estates general not met for 175 years?
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When the Estates General first met?


Who called a meeting of the Estates-General in 1789?

The Estates General met on May 5th, 1789, in Versailles, France.

When the Estates General met in 1789 their first decision concerned the?

Voting Procedure.

When the estates general met in 1789 which estate represented the most people?

The Third Estate.

What was the main controversy when the Estates General first met?

when the estates-general met under Louis XIV, they met under a disagreement on whether King Louis should pass a law to tax the Second Estate so that he would be able to help pay off France's debt.

What did the Third Estate rename themselves when they met apart from the general meeting?

The National Assembly - l'Assemblée Nationale

Why did Philip II call the Estates-General together?

He wanted to find a way to solve the financial crisis issue

What was upsetting for the members of the third estate as they met during the estates general?

They were locked out and excluded from the meeting . Resulting in the tennis court oath

How did the Estates-General Differ from parliament?

The estates general had 3 estates, commoners, clergy, and nobility. Parliament had 2, commoners and nobility. More important, the estates general had given the king the ability to levy taxes. Parliament never gave the king that authority. As a result the British Parliament met constantly because the king always needed money. The estates general stopped meeting after it gave the king the power to levy taxes. When things became a total mess and the laws needed to be changed, then King Louis xvi had to call a meeting of the Estates General. At that point things got out of hand and the French Revolution started.

What was the purpose of King Louis XVI to summon the Estates General which had not met since 1614?

He needed help to resolve the French financial crisis.

Why was the meeting of the Estates-General unsuccessful?

Because the Third Estate refused to abide by the rules in use 150 years ago when that institution last met. The Third Estate believed that a more democratic and representative government was essential. They began meeting as a separate entity entitled the National Assembly which did not set well with the Clergy or the Nobles. They were insistent and persistent and they were resolved to abandon the rules of the Estates General.

What happend on 5 may 1789 in frence describe the event?

On May 5, 1789, in France, the Estates-General met for an elaborate voting of the government.