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Caroline Chisholm is on the $5 note because she is a famous notable person in Australia. She made a big contribution to our society. However, she was only on the $5 note for 20 years, and now she is not on it which is quite sad.

Caroline Chisholm was on Australia's original $5 note because of her humanitarian work with female immigrants to Australia.

Caroline Chisholm moved to Australia as a young married woman, in the 1830s. She was shocked by the conditions experienced by women and new immigrants to Sydney who had supposedly come to Australia for a better life. Many of them had nowhere to live, so lived on the streets of the town. Initially, Caroline Chisholm took some of these women into her own home.

Begging the Governor for a building that could house new female immigrants, Chisholm was able to procure Immigration Barracks. She established it as a home for women who had come from overseas and had no jobs or relatives to care for them. While they were housed there, she also worked tirelessly to find employment for these women. Because of her efforts, she was able to close the Female Immigrants Home in 1842 because it was no longer needed.

Chisholm's next step was to return to England in order to improve the conditions of the migrants on the ships which brought them to Australia. She was unable to secure government support for migrating families, but she did manage to gain free passage to Australia for the wives and children of former convicts. Her nickname was "the emigrants' friend". Whilst in London, she established the Family Colonisation Loan Society. This society provided money needed by migrant families to travel to Australia, including chartering its own ships to transport the people. The society also organised for people in Australia to find employment for these new arrivals, whilst collecting the loan repayments once the migrants were established.

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Q: Why is Caroline Chisholm on a bank note?
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How was the work of Caroline chisholm remembered?

Caroline Chisholm's work has been remembered in several ways. Her face has appeared on stamps and on a bank note and she was given a medal of the Order of Australia in 1994.

What year was Caroline chisholm put on the five dollar note?

In 1967, Caroline Chisholm was put on the $5 noteand she stayed on for 20 years.

Was Caroline Chisholm ever on the five dollar note?

She was on the five dollar note for 20 years.

What is Caroline Chisholm's husband's name?

Caroline Chisholm's husband was called Archibald Chisholm.

Was Caroline Chisholm blind?

There is no evidence to suggest that Caroline Chisholm was blind.

What are Caroline Chisholm's parents names?

Caroline chisholm's parents names were Caroline and William Jones

What was the occupation of Caroline Chisholm?

Caroline Jones Chisholm occupation was a community worker

When was Caroline Chisholm College created?

Caroline Chisholm College was created in 1974.

When was Caroline Chisholm School created?

Caroline Chisholm School was created in 2004.

What happened after Caroline Chisholm was put on the Australian Five Dollar note?

The Australian Five Dollar note was first issued in 1967, the year following the introduction of decimal currency. The Reserve Bank of Australia decided that Sir Joseph Banks would appear on the front of the note and that Caroline Chisholm would appear on the reverse. When the notes were issued into circulation, they stayed in circulation until 1992 when they were replaced by the polymer banknotes.

Caroline Chisholm founded what church?

THE FAMILY COLONIZATION SOCIETY was founded by Caroline Chisholm

What were the names of Caroline Chisholm's children?

Caroline Chisholm's childrens' names were, Archibald, William, Henry, Sydney, Caroline and Monica.