Why is Caroline chisholm famous?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She helped all refuges and found suitable jobs for them.she was helpful and she died at 68

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Q: Why is Caroline chisholm famous?
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What is Caroline Chisholm's husband's name?

Caroline Chisholm's husband was called Archibald Chisholm.

Was Caroline Chisholm blind?

There is no evidence to suggest that Caroline Chisholm was blind.

What are Caroline Chisholm's parents names?

Caroline chisholm's parents names were Caroline and William Jones

When was Caroline Chisholm School created?

Caroline Chisholm School was created in 2004.

What was the occupation of Caroline Chisholm?

Caroline Jones Chisholm occupation was a community worker

When was Caroline Chisholm College created?

Caroline Chisholm College was created in 1974.

Caroline Chisholm founded what church?

THE FAMILY COLONIZATION SOCIETY was founded by Caroline Chisholm

What were the names of Caroline Chisholm's children?

Caroline Chisholm's childrens' names were, Archibald, William, Henry, Sydney, Caroline and Monica.

Where was Caroline Chisholm buried?

Caroline Chisholm is buried in Billing Road Cemetery, Northampton, England.

What school did Caroline Chisholm go to?

Caroline Chisholm did not attend a school. She was educated at home by a governess.

What is the motto of Caroline Chisholm College?

Caroline Chisholm College's motto is 'Faith, Courage, Tolerance'.

What was Caroline Chisholm husbands name?

Archibald Chisholm