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It is important because it is a palace where the leader stays. XD

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Q: Why is imperial palace an important site?
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What is the imperial palace?

The Imperial Palace was the home for the imperial family.

What is imperial palace?

The Imperial Palace was the home for the imperial family.

What is an imperial government?

it is just a very important palace the very important people live in

Where is the home of the Imperial Palace?

The Forbidden City is the home of the Imperial Palace. (in China)

Home of the Imperial Palace in China?

The home of the Imperial Palace is the Forbidden City

When was Kyoto Imperial Palace created?

Kyoto Imperial Palace was created in 1855.

How tall is the Kyoto Imperial palace?

tall of the Kyoto Imperial palace is 2,300 ft.

When was Imperial Palace Addis Ababa created?

Imperial Palace Addis Ababa was created in 1886.

What city in Austria is the Hofburg Imperial Palace located?

The Hofburg Imperial palace is located in Vienna, Austria.

What are some hotels in Vegas?

The Ceasar's Palace, and the Imperial Palace.

Where is Imperial Palace located?

The Imperial Palace is located in Tokoyo, Japan. The palace is home to the emperor and houses his family. The castle and gardens encompass a 2.86 quare mile range in Japan.

Does the emperor of japan have a special place to live?

Yes, the Emperor of Japan and their family reside in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. This palace serves as the primary residence for the imperial family and is the main location for official events and ceremonies.