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Hudson Bay Company is important to Canada because they sold much of what is today Canada, to Canada.

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Q: Why is the Hudson's Bay Company important to Canada?
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When did the North West Company and Hudsons Bay Company merge?

the Hudson's bay & the north west company merge in 1787

What two fur compaines competed with each other at the start of the fur-trading era?

the northwest company and the hudsons bay comapny

How did the Hudson's Bay Company get its name?

Incorporated by Royal Charter on May 2, 1670, it was originally called 'The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England tradeing into Hudsons Bay.' (The spelling and punctuation are as per the original document.) What is now called Hudson Bay, after the mariner Henry Hudson, was originally known as Hudson's Bay.

Where is the Hudson's Bay Company located?

in northern quebec, the Hudson bay, and southern nunavut ========================================== The Hudson's Bay Company is located at: 10th Floor 401 Bay Street Toronto Ontario Canada M5H 2Y4

What areas of land does Rupert's land cover?

Rupert's Land no longer exists. The Hudson's Bay Company was incorporated by Royal Charter on May 2, 1670. Prince Rupert, a cousin of the king, was the most prominent shareholder of the Hudson's Bay Company. The land granted to the Hudson's Bay Company by the Charter came to be called Rupert's Land. The land included in the grant was the entire drainage area of present day Hudson Bay (including James Bay). This was roughly two-thirds of modern day Canada, plus large portions of the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Around 1870, the Hudson's Bay Company transferred its rights in the land to Canada, and Britain transferred the territory to Canada, thus bringing Rupert's Land to an end. Today, the Hudson's Bay Company continues as the world's oldest commercial corporation.

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Who did Paul Revere work for?

Hudsons Bay CompaNY

Why they say hudsons bay form canada?

The Hudson's bay company built trading forts along the Hudson's bay at several river mouths where sailing ships could be anchored.

When did the North West Company and Hudsons Bay Company merge?

the Hudson's bay & the north west company merge in 1787

When did the hudsons bay company first open?

May 2, 1670

Who did Samuel hearne work for?

Samuel Hearne worked for the Hudsons Bay company.

How did great britain divide up canada?

By Colonies, Territories and they gave a huge chunk of it to the Hudsons Bay Company. Some of the Colonies Confederated and then colonised the others themselves.

What animals are in the hudsons bay company logo?

The following animals: beavers, a fox and a Canadian moose!!

Why did the plains Indians live in semi-permanet homes?

They lived in semi-permanent homes year round in the Prairies because they were a migratory people. Of course, once white settlers came and set up the Hudsons Bay posts all over the place, trade began to occur between Plains Indians and the white settlers, and the Plains Indians began to be reliant on the goods they got from the Hudsons Bay company. Once this happened, they were no longer migratory as they relied on the Hudsons Bay company's goods, and so they stayed where the trading posts were so that they could trade with the Hudsons Bay company.

What is the contact number for anita zucker of the hudsons bay company?

Mrs. Zucker no longer owns HBC.

What has the author James Isham written?

James Isham has written: 'James Isham's observations on Hudsons Bay, 1743' -- subject(s): Hudson's Bay Company

How did the owner of Hudson's Bay Company start the hudson's bay company?

in Canada

Why was the Hudson Bay Company sold to the US?

The hudsons bay company was sold to the US because the US offered alot of money, which will give "the bay" new ideas, new looks and more money to do more things around all local "bay" stores