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Q: Why is the sea blue by Denis Wallis?
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Who in blue rodeo was Marilyn denis married?

Jim Cuddy

Who in blue rodeo was marilyn denis married to?

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What does the color blue symbolizes in the French flag?

The blue in the French flag symbolizes Saint Denis.

Who are Quvenzhane Wallis's parents?

Quvenzhave Wallis parents are Venjie Sr. Wallis and Qulyndreia Wallis

Is the sea blue or is it the reflection of the sea?

The sea is blue because it reflects of the sky so when the sky is blue the sea is blue and when the sky is grey the sea is grey. hope this helped ashley

What effect does the color blue have?

To me, calm, like the sea. The sea is calm, sea is blue, blue is calm. :)

Is the sky blue because the sea is blue?

No, the sky is blue due to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering, where particles in the atmosphere scatter sunlight in all directions. The sea appears blue because it absorbs colors from the sunlight spectrum and reflects blue light.

Which sea of these does not exist black blue or red?

the blue sea.

Is blue sea real?

yes, blue sea is real

Why did Alfred Wallis paint seascapes?

He lived on the port city of Penzance, England by the Cornish Sea. Before he became a painter he was a fisherman so he was very inspired by the sea.

Which sea does not exist -black sea yellow blue sea or red sea?

Although the sea is often blue, there is no sea called The Blue Sea.

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