Why is urbanization important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because i love chicken

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Q: Why is urbanization important?
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An important consequence of industrialization in the US was?

Urbanization was an important consequence of industrialization in the US. This was mainly due to immigration, new technologies, the rise of big business through industrial trusts, and raise of capitalism.

Why do business benefit from urbanization?

Urbanization makes it possible for important infrastructure to come up and this means the cost of production and transportation goes down tremendously. Urbanization also makes it possible for a business to have more clients as the population of the urban center grows.

An important social aspect of the early part of the Industrial Revolution in England was?

Urbanization of Factory workers

What was an important social aspect of the early part of the industrial revolution in England?

urbanization of factory worker

Is it urbanization or urbanization?

It is spelled urbanization. Someone would be urbanizing, not urbanising. Thus the act of urbanizing is urbanization. I forgot to log in before posting this, so I'm "improving" it now.

What is the connection between immigration and urbanization?

what is the connection between urbanization and Immigration

What is another word for the growth of cities?


What is the difference between urbanization and urbanism?

urbanisation and urbanization are same

How do you reduce urbanization?

you can reduce urbanization by improving the rural areas in a country

How has urbanization affected Europe?

Urbanization helped Europe through industrialize.

What are the effects of urbanization in Nevada?

The effects of urbanization in Nevada have decreased the areas that were originally farmlands. Urbanization has also brought a water shortage to this area.

How did the bronze age help urbanization?

Urbanization is a modern idea and term. It will be thousands of years before there is urbanization and cars. Bronze Age had nothing to do with it.