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viceroy was vey improtant because they were the secondary roy which mean that they were like the assisants to the roys and get them somwe cofwee i want that right now gtg

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Q: Why is viceroy important to the age of exploration?
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How was nationalism important in the age of exploration?

What role dide the Age of exploration take play in nationalism

How was Prince Henry important to the age of exploration?

Prince Henry was important to the age of exploration because he encouraged most explorers to go on expeditions! I think he also went on an exploration himself.

Who became the viceroy of India at the age of 39?

Nathanial George Curzon who was under secretary for India at age 32 & viceroy at age 39.

What is the job for a viceroy?

As viceroy you can declare the right hand of a king. When the king is unable to do his job the viceroy does it for him. Such a auxiliary job is important in far away colonies.

What was the location of antonio de mendozas exploration?

Antonio de Mendoza was not really an explorer. He was the first Viceroy of New Spain.

Why was Francisco Pizarro important to the Age of Exploration?

Francisco Pizarro was important to the Age of Exploration because he led the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire in modern-day Peru. He captured the Inca ruler, Atahualpa, and claimed the Inca territories for Spain. This resulted in significant wealth and expansion of Spanish influence in the Americas.

How did new inventions impact the age of exploration?

It didnt impact the age of exploration

Which of the reasons for the age of exploration do you think are the most important?

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What two items launched The Age of Exploration?

What two items launched The Age of Exploration?

During which years did the age of exploration occur?

The Age of Exploration occurred primarily during the 15th and 16th centuries, starting around the late 1400s and extending into the early 1600s. This period marked a significant era of maritime exploration by European powers seeking new trade routes, territories, and resources around the world.

What changed the age of exploration?

The Age of Exploration ended when the undiscovered lands had been discovered.

In what way did the renaissance contribute to the age of exploration?

in what why did Renaissance thought contrubute to the age of exploration?