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The Lost Colony of Roanoke, in Virginia, was first the English settlement in the New World. After not receiving supplies from England for two years, they sent their leader back to England to bring them supplies. He returned two years later to find the colony had vanished. Not a single person was there and there was no evidence of a fight. The only evidence they found was the world "CROATOAN" carved on a tree, and "CRO" on another tree nearby.

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Because that means the people were safe. It was obvious that they went with a near tribe, that's why children not brought there, found there, had blue eyes eventually. Scientists don't believe this because the nearest tribe was against and hated the Americans.

Please tell me if you disagree. Thanks!

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Q: Why was croatoan scratched on a tree?
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What was the only clue left at roanoake?

The only clue left at Roanoke was the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree.

What word was carved in the tree at Roanoke?


What word carved into a tree remberant of the lost Roanoke?


Is the croatoan tree still standing?

Yes I saw it this year over the summer.

What word was found carved on a tree at what is now known as th lost Colony?


When John White returned to the colony what did he find?

He found the tree of "CROA" ( which stands for Croatoan ) had no streak but no one was on the island of Roanoke. There are many theories of what happened to the colony, but no one really knows the real story.

Is croatoan a disease?

i believe croatoan is a disease that caused the disappearance of roanoke

Why did Roanoke dissapeared?

The answer is unknown. If you do not like my answer look it up some other place. They just disappeared when the others came back. The only clue was Croatoan carved in a tree. They might have gone to the island Croatoan and maybe they never made it. This is just a guess.

What happened to the English colony on Roanoke Island?

They disappeared without leaving any trace of them except the inscription "Croatoan" carved on a trunk of a tree.

Did John White know the Croatoan Indians?

Yes he did - Manteo, a close person with John White was of Croatoan decent, his tribe was from there. Because of this, the Croatoan group was considered "friendly".

What word carved into a tree was the only remnant of the Lost Roanoke colony?

Croatoan is what people believe but it is not known for sure yet and probably will never be figured out!

What language is croatoan?