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He gave high taxes there was uneven amounts of fairness to the three estates. the third estates had to pay all the taxes but they were the least wealthy unemployment was over 50% when he ruled Debt was approximately 4 billion king and queen didnt participate much and had other people do the work for them they were big spenders and spet some of taxpayers money on luxuries for themselves and on wars.

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Q: Why was king Louis xvi so-hated by the french?
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Who was the French king beheaded during the French revolution?

Louis XVI (the sixteenth / seize)

Who was the french monarch from 1774-1794?

The King was Louis XVI.

King whose head was chopped off in the French Revolution?

King Louis XVI

Which country Did King Louis the XVI belong to?

Louis XVI was King of France until he was deposed by the French Revolution.

King of France that was overthrown by the French Revolution?

King Louis XVI was overthrown and beheaded by the guillotine.

Who were king and queen of France before and during the french revolution?

Louis XVI. He was deposed and sent to the guillotine.

What famous king and king lost their heads during then french revolution?

The French king under the French revolution was King Louis XVI. The Queen was Marie-Antoinette. They were both executed using the guillotine.

Who was the King of France at the time of French Revolution?

The French revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799. The King was Louis XVI, he was executed in 1793.

Who was the last French King before the French Revolution?

King Louis XVI.

Who was King as the French Revoloution was going on?

King Louis XVI.

Who was the King of France 1848?

The French monarch in 1789 was King Louis XVI. He became King of France in 1774.

Who was the French king during the American Revolutionary War?

It depends on the French Revolution in question:French Revolution of 1789-1799: King Louis XVI / replaced with First RepublicJuly Revolution of 1830: King Charles X / replaced with King Louis Philippe IThe June Rebellion of 1832: King Louis Philippe I / survived the revolutionThe French Revolution of 1848: King Louis Philippe I / replaced with Second Republic