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Unlike most revolutions, one monarch willingly ceded power to another monarch

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Q: Why was the Glorious Revolution in England unusual in comparison to political developments in France Spain and Russia?
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What political concept became very popular as a result of the glorious revolution?

Civil rights is the political concept that became popular as a result of the glorious revolution. The Glorious revolution occurred in 1688.

What were some key developments of the glorious revolution in English government?

The bill of rights was documented and the cabinet system was developed

How did Political events like the Glorious Revolution influence American Colonial Politics?

The Glorious Revolution was the first time the colonies came together as a community of people with the same idea. This was very new to happen and influenced the political culture.

What impact did the Glorious Revolution have on England from a political point of view?

No ruler will have more power than the parliament.

Can you use glorious revolution in a sentence?

The American uprising turned out to be a glorious revolution.

When did the glorious revolution happen?

Glorious Revolution happened in 1688.

What did it lead to when James II became a Catholic and tried to rule Britain without Parliament?

The Glorious revolution -apex

What were the cause and effect of glorious revolution?

name 2 causes for the English "glorious revolution"

Why was the glorious revolution sometimes called the bloodless revolution?

may be in glorious revolution, was with out flowing blood a king conqure the area and due to no killing , or murders of people they called it glorious revolution nas well as bloodless revolution

What is a slogan for the English Revolution?

The Glorious Revolution.

Which historical event influence the American revolution by rejecting the idea that kings had absolute power?

Answer this question… Glorious Revolution

On what common principles did English political culture begin to converge in both the mother country and the colonies after the glorious revolution?

Hatred of the Irish