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they were patriots to the new country and rebels toward England

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Q: Why were people called patriots also called rebels?
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Patriots are also known as what?


Why did American colonists want independence from the Britsih?

They hated the British rule. Well, most of them anyway. The people who wanted to be free from the British were called rebels, or Patriots. The colonists who wanted British rule were called Touries, or Loyalists. Rebels just didn't want British rule since there were big taxes for things that they didn't even want! Great Britain also controlled the trade in the colonies and made rules like they could only trade with Britain. The Patriots hated being controlled.

What were the American soldiers called during the Revolutionary War?

They were called the "Contineantal Army" they were "Patriots" or "Rebels" or even the name "Yankees". These were the most common names...there are other types of insulting names that the BRits gave them too. they we're also called Minute Men.

What were the signers of the declaration of independence called?

They could be called traitors if asking the king, but they also could be called rebels or patriot.

Colonist refer to the British soldiers as what?

"Redcoats" or by the rebels they were called "lobsterbacks." also 'bloodybacks'

People in the English colonies on the northern American mainland?

The name of the people in the English colonies on the northern American mainland is colonist. Those that supported the revolution were also called rebels and those that supported the King were called loyalists.

Who were the redcoats or also called lobsterbacks?

they were the Loyalists. the Patriots wore blue at the time

What was the Name given to southern army during the civil war?

Confederate army was the name. They were also called Rebels too.

What was another unofficial name of the Confederate soldiers?

The Confederate soldiers were also called "rebels". Another nickname was "Johnny Reb".

Patriots not only backed England's actions they also aided the British army by giving them food and money?

No, Patriots did not back England's actions. The ones who did were called Loyalists.

Why is America called Cousin Jonathan in political cartoons?

"Cousin Jonatha"n was originally a term used to describe the American patriots (or rebels) by the British and Loyalists (also 'Brother Jonathan') during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, similar to use of 'Johnny Reb' and 'Billy Yank' in the Civil War.

When Was Andrew Jackson a war general?

The American colonial war (also called by the rebels - i.e. traitors- as the American war of Independence)

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