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They were not, We, The English still have a monarchy, while the French have their republic.

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Q: Why were the french able to keep the monarchy for so much longer than the English?
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The middle finger gesture originated from medieval times. English bowmen had their middle fingers cut off by the French if captured because that was the finger they used to draw the long bow. It was a taunt from all those who survived to show they still had their middle fingers.

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The history of French Quarter is a remarkable example of how an area was able to transform itself. The city was founded in 1718 by Jean Bienville, a french naval official. Even at that time, it was known to be a melting pot of cultures. The influence of the French was apparant in the construction of churches and schools which beared French names. The history of the French Quarter is also noteworthy for its mix of blacks and whites.

What is facts about john Locke?

· John Locke was an English philosopher. · John Locke believed in the middle class and its right to freedom of the inner voice and its property. · John Locke's idea of "natural rights" and "natural laws" had a big deal to do with both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. · John Locke also had an idea that they should be able to overthrow the government. John Locke's father was also named John Locke. John Locke was baptized on the day of his birth.

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What role did the glorious revolution and the English bill of rights play in establishing a constitutional monarchy in England?

The Glorious Revolution helped to establish a constitutional monarchy and a bill of rights because the English parliament and people knew they would not be able to establish a constitutional monarchy with James II. Therefore they invited William and Mary to overthrow James II on the condition they accept a constitutional monarchy.

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