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The restored bourbons were rulers who were brought back to power in France by the great powers of Vienna after the down fall of Napoleon1.this idea of restoring the legitimate rulers was brought by Prince Metternich under the principle of legitimancy. They governed France between 1815-1830 & these were Louis Xavier Stanslas De-France commonly known as Louis XV111 from 1815-1824 & Charles X commonly known as Comte De-Artois from 1825-1830.The following are the reasons why the bourbons were short lived.

There government wasn't popular since it was not elected by the French themselves but imposed by the Vienna powers.

Weak rulers i.e Louis XV111 was too old & sticky which made his government to be inefficient.

There was political instability & civil wars caused by the ultra royalists led by Charles X who dominated the parliament and executed about 7000 Bonapartists on what came to be known as "The White Terror"

Favoured landlords i.e Louis XV111 allowed the Emigres to re-posses their land which made peasants disgrantoned.

They destroyed the 1814 constitutional charter & began to rule France in the ways of the ancient kings.

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Q: Why were the restored bourbons short lived?
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