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William and Mary were offered the throne of England to rule as part of a constitutional monarchy. During William and Mary's reign, parliament had more power whereas before the Glorious Revolution the monarch had the most power.

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To Prevent succession by a Catholic monarch.

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Q: William and Mary were offered the throne of England to do what?
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Why William and Mary were offered the throne of England was a conflict between whom?

Parliament (both Whigs and Tories) and King James II of England

Who was on the throne when the bank of England opened?

William and Mary were on the throne in July 1694 when the Bank of England was founded (by Scotsman William Paterson). Mary died in December of that year.

What did William and Mary sing after accepting the throne of England?

English Bill of Rights

Why did parliament invite William and Mary to rule in 1689?

Parliament withdrew its support from James and offered the English throne to his daughter, Mary, and her husband, William of Orange.

Who did the glorious revolution bring to England's throne?

The Glorious Revolution overthrew King James II and brought King William III to the throne of England. James II

What day William and Mary officially take the throne in England?

probably when Queen Elizabeth dies it will either be Prince Charles or Prince William on the throne.

What William and Mary sign after accepting the throne of England?

They signed "The English Bill of Rights"

How did Mary and William gain power as rulers?

William III and Mary II were joint rulers of England and collectively known as William and Mary. They took over the United Kingdom when the throne was offered to William III after a meeting of Parliament.

When was James ii of England removed from the throne and the leadership of England was transferred to William and Mary of orange?

During the glorious revolution

Why was William and Mary asked to take the throne in England?

In 1689 William landed in England with an Army. King James II fled to France. Parliament offered to make him King and his wife Mary Queen if they would sign a Bill of Rights. They agreed and signed it. That bill of rights became a part of the Constitution of the United States of America.

What did England become when William and Mary took the throne?

Britain became the first parliamentary monarchy (or constitutional monarchy).

When did Mary I come to the throne?

Mary I of Scotland (Mary, Queen of Scots) came to the throne on 14 Dec 1542. Mary I of England (Bloody Mary) came to the throne on 19 July 1553.