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Ancient Greek and Rome.

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ancient greek and rome
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Q: With what cultures did people of the renaissance compare their cultures?
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After what ancient cultures did the people of the Renaissance try to model themselves?

The cultures of Rome and Greece.

What did the Renaissance have to do with the Greeks and Romans?

People of the Renaissance looked at the achievements of the Greeks and Romans as inspiration for their work.

Which cultures inspired the renaissance?

Greek and Roman cultures

After what ancient culture did the people of the renaissance model themselves after?

The cultures of Rome and Greece.

What two cultures were rediscovered in the renaissance?

fu** u tell me

Was the renaissance an age in which individuals felt the value of their being?

Yes, the people started to analyze more about life such as from where did they come from. People started to get interested in Greek and Roman cultures.

What two cultures did renaissance scholars study?

Renaissance scholars studied both the ancient Greek and Roman cultures, as well as the Arabic and Islamic cultures. They were interested in these civilizations for their advancements in areas like art, literature, science, and philosophy.

What cultures influence the Renaissance?

Primarily Roman and Greek (via Rome).

What is the two main classical cultures the renaissance rebirth?

greece and rome

How does the culture in the renaissance compare to the US cutlure today?


How do you compare the Mayas and the Olmecs?

Both cultures were polytheistic

What three groups helped preserve Greek and roman culture during the middle ages?

No one preserved these cultures. They were rediscovered in the Renaissance.