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Q: 1Compare and contrast the Chinese perception of humiliation at the time of the Opium Wars and in the 21st century caused by the Unequal Treaties?
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What is a contrast?

Contrast is the difference in light and/or gloss that hits an object distinguishable. In ocular perception of the real world, contrast is resolved by the difference in the color and brightness of the object and other.

What is organizational processes in perception?

The organizational processes in perception is influenced by identification and interpretation of the sensory nerves. This is determined by various characteristics like object, event, contrast and intensity among others.

Compare and contrast sensation and perception?

Sensation and Perception are intimately relates to one another but plays a different role. Sensation or the 5 Senses which are sense of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. This 5 senses are sent to our brain and this is where perception takes place. Perception is the process were our senses communicate with our brain.

What leads to increased visual contrast a. Lateral inhibition b. light adaptation c. phototransduction?

In the visual system, lateral inhibition sharpens our perception of visual edges. a.e. visual contrast.

The four shortcuts used in judging others?

Contrast effect, Halo effect, Projection, Selective perception. (Also, Stereotyping)

What is Perception Selective perception Halo effect and contrast effect.?

Perception : It is the process of acquiring,interpreting,selecting, and organizing sensory info. Selection : Perception begin with selection,mind and body combine to control for selecting any particular stimuli are selected.(It's is part of Perception Process) Halo Effect : It's can be said as drawing the general impression towards someone on the basis of single activity or characteristic Contrast Effect : Evaluation of a person's characteristics that are affected by comparison's with other people recently encountered who rank higher or lower on the same characteristics.

How to contrast sensation from perception?

I have added a good link to this answer with a website which is dedicated to the brain with comparisons to different species to humans its got everything you ever wanted to know about the brain

What has the author James H Walker written?

James H. Walker has written: 'The perception contrast of the Socratic theory of recollection with the ideas of Husserl's phenomenology' -- subject(s): Idealism, Phenomenology

What is the difference between scope and need?

The difference in meaning between 'scope' and 'need' is as follows: the former denotes 'range' or 'spectrum' while also frequently implying vision -- or perception of some kind. By contrast, 'need' denotes 'lack' or 'unsatisfied desire.'

Is it in Contrast with or in contrast to?

Normally it is "in contrast with..." But "to" is used when the difference is being emphasized.

Who is a modern contrast to Zeus?

There is no modern contrast or indeed any ancient contrast.

What is contrast is it noun or verb?

The word 'contrast' is a noun (contrast, contrasts) and a verb (contrast, contrasts, contrasting, contrasted). Examples:noun: The contrast in their personalities makes them seem like a very odd couple.verb: We need to choose accessories to contrast with the outfit.