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nuclear and patriarcal

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Q: A basic characteristic of the colonial family especially in New England was?
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Which colonial region was known for supporting both plantations and family farms?


The group that made the most important contribution to the typical colonial New England farm was the?

Family members

How did colonial mothers use a garden to help the family?

Colonial mothers used a garden to help feed the family.

Why was the colonial kitchen important to the colonial family?

=most of their jobs were in the kitchen=

The name of the group that made the most important contribution to the typical colonial New England farm?

Family members..stupid nova net..ALYSHA LUNA ATDSCS

What are the characteristic of the cobalt family?


New England Poet who wrote of her love of family and life?

Try reading Anne Bradstreet. She was one of America's first poets. She wrote about her family, life in colonial America, and nature.

What some characteristics of the Maori?

I Am Not Sure What You Are Referring To. But Maori' s that I Know Are Welcoming People. They Are Very Faithful To Their Culture Especially When It Comes To Family. Another Characteristic Is They Are Very Good Looking.

What are the typical characteristics of a Filipino family?

A typical characteristic of a Filipino Family is having a close relationship among all family members. Also a characteristic of a Filipino family is that the children respects their parents and other relatives

What is the word family of the word characteristic?


Who were the ten richest American colonial families?

Some of the richest American colonial families were the Van Rensselaer family, the Livingstone family, the Philipse, family, the Morris family, and the Washington family. The Washington family belong in a group called the First Families of Virginia. This group is full of colonial families who were among the first settlers of Virginia and were extremely wealthy.

What did Benjamin Franklin do in 1757?

In 1757, he went to England to represent Pennsylvania in its fight with the descendants of the Penn family over who should represent the Colony. He remained in England to 1775, as a Colonial representative not only of Pennsylvania, but of Georgia, New Jersey and Massachusetts as well.