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Q: A judicious person is unlikely to be?
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What is the comparative form of judicious?

more judicious

What is the difference between judicial and judicious?

1. Judicial(adjective) is the legal,administrative capacity of work. 2.Judicious(adjective) is a quality in a person to be prudent,discreet,sensible & logical in giving opinions or judgement.

Judicious in a sentence?

She made a judicious decision to invest in a diversified portfolio to minimize risk.

What is a sentence using the word judicious?

You're very judicious about when and where you distribute that e-mail address.Because without judicious planning, an unexpected bestseller can be devastating.At the heart of science are judicious observations and measurements.What many people overlook is that a judicious bit of filing maybe in order at the same time.

How do you put judicious in a sentence?

The judicious use of salt made this soup taste perfectly.

How to use judicious in a sentence?

Rosa made a judicious decision when she chose to invest in the stable company with a proven track record.

what does judicious?

Knowing right from wrong; responsible.Example:ย Even though it can be difficult, it's important to be judicious.

How would you use judicious in a sentence?

Judicious is a word that means showing good judgment. A good sentence would be, the teenager was judicious while his friends drank beer at the party.

Using''judicious'' in a sentence................?

The judicious use of chocolate syrup will dramatically improve an ice cream sundae.

How do you pronounce judicious?

Judicious is pronounced as "ju-DISH-us." The emphasis is on the second syllable.

What rhymes with judicious?

Some words that rhyme with judicious are suspicious, ambitious, and nutritious.

What is the primary syllable of judicious?